We offer an extensive online portfolio of authentic, handmade and sustainable products and associated services. Our products make a perfect choice for people who wish to add a feel good factor to their home décor, office supplies, festive occasions and gifting experiences.

Our products are directly sourced from the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Women Entrepreneurs and Self Help Groups (SHGs). Our aim is to bridge the gap between artisans who make authentic handicrafts and buyers who genuinely want to purchase these products from the convenience of their home.

During our interactions with these artisans, we realized that they face business challenges such as lack of product knowledge, networking opportunities and infrastructure to market their products. After understanding their constraints, we decided to create better and deserving livelihood opportunities by supporting them in the following ways :

  • Showcasing and marketing their products on our e-commerce store and other social media platforms
  • Connecting them with an audience who want to buy ‘local’ art and handicraft through mainstream channels
  • Training underprivileged female artisans and women entrepreneurs to improve on the design and quality of their products
  • Minimizing / eliminating the need of the middlemen to increase their revenues
  • Presenting the images of their products through professional photography Conducting self-help and skill development workshops for all age groups
  • Sharing a percentage of our revenue with them

Fair Trading

Fair Trade being our core philosophy, we maintain a full transparency in what we do and how we do – with our artisans as well as customers. We also ensure that the artisans get what they consider their right due for all products crafted by them.
We are passionate about making dreams come true and contribute to the betterment of artisans across the country.


To be the change agents of environmental friendly living by selling Eco friendly products and lifestyle changes.

The Founder

Things etc is the labour of love of Shivkala Mudalair. She was a characterisitc corporate employee moulded into the 9 to 5 job and secure in the monthly credit of her salary. Till one day, she realized her work and money failed to give her the desired satisfaction or happiness. At the same time, her eyes opened up to the fact that her hobby of making handmade cards and other curios was giving her more fulfillment.
The more she thought about it, the more sense it made. Gradually, the idea of Things Etc evolved and started taking shape in her mind. Shivkala, finally, decided to quit her high paying position to pursue her love for handicrafts and all things handmade. To know more contact us at becreative@thingsetc.in